Photoshop – Hyperreality

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001A photograph of a person can be altered in Photoshop in order to produce a hyperreal representation, with human characteristics shifted towards what an audience might see as an idyllic portrayal of beauty. This kind of photo manipulation is regularly employed by cosmetics companies in order to fool their desperately haggard customers into believing that a product is imbued with youth restoring properties and might as well have been pumped directly from a mythical, Biminian well.

002There has been much controversy surrounding the subject of retouching photographs for use in advertising. This 2009 Olay magazine advertisement for Definity Eye Illuminator was banned after complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority suggested that it could give a ‘misleading impression of the effect the product could achieve’.


Olay∨Photoshop is my secret for drop-dead gorgeous eyes.”

As hyperrealistic images are used increasingly in the media, the standard of beauty to which an…

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