Buggy Free Transform in Element

Sorry for the buggy Free Transform Tool in Photoshop Elements on the Transform Warp Tool for the Billboard exercise.  In Photoshop Elements the “Snap to Grid” default is alway on.  This can be very annoying   if you want to infinite control on positioning shapes and object.  In order to do this, the Snap to Grid must be turned OFF.


Even when Grid is OFF (no check mark) it seem to behaves like it’s ON even when no Grid lines are displayed in the workspace windows.

But trying to turn it OFF is very confusing compared to Photoshop CC.  It looks like they are trying to making a pain in the neck to turn the default OFF.  I thought I turned it OFF, but it was not really still On because it’s greyed out in the menu (see diagram below).

To turn if OFF, you must turn it ON

  1. Turn on Ruler if it is not ON:  View>Ruler or Shift_Ctrl+R
  2. Turn on Grid:  View>Grid
  3. View>Snap To>Grid should be unchecked
  4. To remove the Grid: View>Grid


Why if takes 4 steps to remove the Snap to Grid is beyond my mind!

Well, maybe Adobe think PSE is for the novice user, so they make the assumption that they have a shaky hands.

Here is the real pain!

On new documents  the default is still ON, so you have to repeat these steps for every new project.  I’ve search Adobe Community Forum for the answer, but this issue seem to be unresolved since version 9.




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