Lesson 2

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Raw VS Jpeg

Shooting RAW vs JPEG is a question that every photographer, amateur  or professional will need to ask themselves.  It has been general thought of that only professional with SLR uses RAW.   Almost all higher end camera can shot both RAW and JPG, but most point-and-shoot cameras shoot only in JPG.  There are pros and cons on each of these formats as the video below will explain in the video.

Pros & Cons for RAW

Pros Cons
Higher Dynamic Range – 14 bit compared to only 8 bit for JPeg Large file size
Higher level of brightness Requires post processing
 Non-destructive editing workflow Higher learning curve
Easily correctly exposure and white balance Proprietary format – software support required
 Sharpening can be done in post Requires more expensive camera
 Loss-less compression format

Raw JPG Workflow in Elements 12

Sharpen in Camera Raw

Get sample files to practice with (ZIP, 13 MB)

Play with Camera Raw

Download More Camera Raw

Selective Adjustment with layer Mask

Shake reduction is a new feature in Photoshop Elements 14 that allows you to target a specific area to sharpening.  However applying a mask and be use on any effect in order to target an area in your image.

Alt + Layer Mask Buttoncreate a black mask.

Selection Tools

Selection Tools

In order to isolate a portion of an image for editing, you must master all of the selection tools available in Photoshop and PSE.  How well a selection is made will determine if the edit results is realistic.

In a later lesson, we learn that a selection can be made to mask or hide the background of an object so that it can be moved or place behind a different background.


  1. Selection with Michael Brown
  2. Quick Selection Tool with Simon Sez
  3. Basic Selection with Simon Sez
  4. Refine a Selection

Shortcut to Remember

Ctrl + D – de-select
Hold down the Alt and drag –
Subtract from a selection
Alt + click on layer mask – view layer mask
Ctrl + click on layer mask – make a selection from layer mask



In this project you will use all of the selection tools to create the final image on the right.  After the selection is made, you can use Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V) to create a new layer which can be moved into any position.  In later lessons we will learn how to use mask in order to erase the background.


Sample Images