Lesson 6

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Creative Projects


  1. Create an Out of Bound Effect
  2. Make Your Own Fake Magazine Cover
  3. Vignette using Clipping Mask

Video tutorials

How to Add Text

Put Yourself on a Billboard

In this lesson, we will explore the concept of Clipping Mask.  In many Photoshop Elements lesson, this is called grouping, but the proper term is “Clipping”

Download Template

Download Blank Billboard

Use Distort

With Distort selected, click on a corner handle and simply drag it around in any direction. It’s similar to Skew but with complete freedom of movement. Holding Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) as you drag the corner will move independently.

Transform Keyboard Shortcuts

Result Windows Mac OS
Transform from center or reflect Alt Option
Constrain Shift Shift
Distort Control Command
Skew Control + Shift Command + Shift
Change perspective Control + Shift + Alt Command + Shift + Option
Apply Enter Enter
Cancel Esc or Control + . (period) Esc or Command + . (period)

Transform Example

People Magazine Cover

People Magazine

Put your loved ones on the cover of People Magazine.  Download Template

Color Pallette

Light Blue: #00B0F0
Yellow: #FFF231
Pink: #F22299

Time Magazine

Download Template

Time Magazine Template