Lesson 8


Texture & Blend Modes

Nicole does a great job explaining 3 methods to bring additional images into your current workspace.

Holding the Shift key down during “drag and drop” will force the image aligned perfectly on top of your current image.

Gradient Map

To Colorize

Retro Effects


Note: Although some of the videos are for Photoshop, many of the step will still apply to Elements.  Action created in Photoshop can still be used in Elements.

There are many brands of graphics tablets on the market, but  Wacom it the most popular brand from use with Photoshop and PSE.   The main feature you must look for is pressure sensitive pen device.

Wacom’s Bamboo line is the most basic and affordable tablet offered.

I would start off with the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch digital photo editing tablet (CTH490PK) ~$99